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Zlatko "Bulle" Jovanovic is an enthusiastic computer forensic technician and IT Specialist specialized in electronic data recovery, currently working as an IT Technologist at Simple Laboratories, Inc. He is also Quality Assurance Analyst at Zugme, Inc. and Network Administrator at Cult Power, Inc

He has independently worked on many cases with successful data recoveries. Cases included various medias: hard disks, flash cards, USB drives, cell phones, SIM cards, etc. Some very important informatio was successfully recovered.

During their internship at the Illinois Manufacturing Foundation, Mr. Robert Fried and Zlatko successfully built the whole organization's network from scratch.  They did the planning, development, and installation of computer network for the organization; Windows Server 2008 installation and configuration; physical and logical network plan designing; wiring installation and infrastructure building; information security policies development.

Zlatko built his first personal computer from the components, back in 1995. Since then, a large number of computers were built, all of them stable and with long period of use.

Successfully built virtual machines, multiple boot operating systems machines with Windows and Linux operating systems.

As a young student at the Belgrade University, he developed a program for automatic bidding, by calculating the best solution to bid, and the suggested amount to bid.

He has graduated from IADT, and earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Forensics. He is currently pursuing CompTIA Security+ certification.

Zlatko is currently working as a Network Administrator in several companies as well as QA Analyst. MedGyn Products, Inc. website was fully redesigned to a current look. 

Finally, this web site was built by Zlatko.

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